What are your cake prices?


Each cake price is determined by size, flavor, filling, frosting, style, and design.  My most commonly sold sizes are the 8" two-layer cake which starts at $30 and the 10" two-layer cake which starts at $50 (for a Classic Flavor Cake with White Vanilla Buttercream or White Cream Cheese and simple dots or stripes).  All of my Tiered Cakes (stacked cakes of different sizes, like a wedding cake) start at $4.00 per serving regardless of the occasion where they will be served.

How much notice do you need for a cake?


I recommend at least two weeks notice for any cake order, no matter how small the cake is or how simple the design may be.  Every single cake I make is baked fresh to order and hand-crafted for your event.  I will always try to accomodate late orders when possible, but I generally book up in advance, so please plan accordingly.  I hate to say no, but for my family's sake (and my general enjoyment of a good night's sleep), I will when necessary.

So, where do I pick up my cake?


Once you have confirmed your order with a 50% non-refundable deposit, we will make pickup arrangements at my home, located near Northeast Mall in Hurst.




Do you do samples or consultations?


Yes!  A Tasting Box is only $10 ($20 for sugar free or gluten free Tasting Boxes) and includes samples of my most popular frostings along with your choice of 4 cake flavors and 2 fillings for you to mix & match to create your perfect bite of cake. For orders of $125 or more, the Tasting Box fee will be applied toward your order as a credit.  Face-to-face consultations & planning sessions are generally reserved for weddings, however, phone consultations or email quotes are always available! 


What's your payment & refund policy?


I require at least a 50% non-refundable deposit to place your order.  I do not give refunds no matter the circumstances of your cancellation, however, if you cancel your order at least two weeks* before its due date, then I can apply any payments you made toward a future order (for up to one year from the date of cancellation).

*Wedding cakes must be paid in full one month prior to the wedding date, therefore, must be cancelled more than one month before the wedding to receive the offer of credit for one year from cancellation date.


Frequently asked questions


Here you'll find answers to all your burning desires.  Well, your burning desires about Hot Chocolates anyway.  And if I haven't answered your question here, please call me at 817.282.9400 or email me at contact@hotchocolates.net.

Why did you close the retail store?


A lot can change in 12 years!  When Lori & I took off on this crazy adventure, it wasn't legal to sell cakes baked in your home, and since we're both rule-following-types, that meant we had to create a brick & mortar storefront.  But after all that life throws at you (for me, it was 2 kiddoes) we came to the decision that when our lease was up in 2015, we would close the business.  Then Texas went and passed this cool little piece of legislature in 2013 (lovingly referred to as the Texas Cottage Food Law), and BAM! it was ok to sell home-baked cakes. For me and my family, this is the ideal situation, particularly since Lori stuck by her part of the decision to move on to shinier opportunities.  It's super weird doing all this everyday without her, but I LOVE not having my kids penned up all day (if you came in the store, you know what I mean) and I'm so proud of the work I do and the way that it makes me feel, that I honestly can't imagine it any other way.





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